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This is what Bruce Clement's clients are saying...

...about Bruce's AutoCAD customization:

"I have to tell you that I've used CAD and similar types of software in other offices, but I've never seen anything as thorough, well organized and clearly explained as your system."
 - A.W., Alameda

"All of these new tools are excellent. Nice job."
 - K.E., Alameda

 - V.M., San Jose

"Now that is an excellent piece of work!"
 - C.B., San Francisco

"This is great. Wish all our consultants were so responsive!"
 - S.B., San Jose

"Thatís so COOL!!!!!!"
 - G.C., Alameda

"Oh this is so cool!!! Thanks!"
 - A.L., Alameda

"RIGHT ON!!!!! That is so cool!!!!!!"
 - A.P., Alameda

"Thank you. You have made my life a lot easier."
 - R.H., San Francisco

"THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Itís going to save us a lot of time!"
 - A.C., Alameda

"Iím so excited to be working with AutoCAD again... and trying out all your new tid bits!!!! Very cool!!!"
 - K.N., Alameda

"Wow brilliant."
 - A.C., Alameda

 - I.M., Alameda

...about Bruce:

"It was a rare treat to work with someone who knows what they are doing."
 - S.H., San Jose

"You definitely have a gift for the instructional e-mails."
 - J.S., Alameda

"Youíre a genius."
 - C.F., Alameda

"Youíre a genius!"
 - V.K., Alameda

"You are a life saver!"
 - C.R., Alameda

"You have been a great help to our team, especially for me."
 - S.T., Alameda

"Your sense of humor keeps me smiling."
 - J.S., San Francisco

"You Rock!!!!"
 - K.N., Alameda

...about how Bruce makes them feel:

"You always come through so well when I have pesky questions that I just want to ask more."
 - J.S., Alameda

"You made my evening!!!"
 - G.L., San Francisco

 - L.G., San Francisco

"Thanks Bruce!!! There's no way I could figure that out."
 - K.C., Alameda

"Thanks x 100!!!!!"
 - L.W., Alameda

 - L.B., Alameda

"So, when are you gonna put one of my quotes on your web site?"
 - C.E., Alameda

Okay, here you go.

"Dude, those are kick-@ss! Nice job!"
 - C.E., Alameda


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